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Q: What does dreifort mean?

A: "Drei" translates to "three" (or "3" if you're into the whole brevity thing,) and "fort" translates to either something like "ahead" or "away" (maybe as in "forth", e.g. "go forth from this land") or something like "castle" (e.g., "don't let the Mongolians take the fort! er, I mean castle!") so "three castles" or "three ahead" or "three castles yonder from here" might all be decent translations. Or maybe they're all wrong. Check the dreifort history for more.

Q: You must get a lot of web visitors... do you accept advertising on this site?

A: Sure. And we're not picky either. Prep that billfold and send an email. Or just advertise through Google AdWords.

Q: Can I have an @dreifort.com email address?

A: Are you a Dreifort? Then, yes! They're free... if you qualify. We'll forward it to your gmail address!

Q: What is a Dreifort?

A: Dreiforts are peculiar beasts. Many believe the first Dreiforts were from somewhere around what is now Germany.

Q: What does a Dreifort look like?

A: Dreifort appearances vary. Visit the Dreifort image page for interpretations from many contemporary artists.

Q: Why a dreifort site?

A: Why ask why?

Q: Somebody compiled a dreifort family tree?

A: Yes.

Q: Are there any other Dreifort FAQs? I heard about one, but cant' find it!

A: Yes. There is a Dan Dreifort FAQ hosted here. If you're a Dreifort and want your own FAQ, please compile a list of questions others frequently ask you, answer them, and send them here.

Q: Somebody compiled a dreifort family tree?

A: Is there an echo in here?

Q: What is the ratio of beer to flour in dreifort beer batter, and what is the recommended brand of beer?

A: Please, email the keeper of the Dreifort recipe archive.

Q: I'm looking for the cat shelter, is this the cat shelter?

A: No, this is not the cat shelter. Why would you think this is a cat shelter?

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